A man accused of a violent shooting spree in 2014 was in court this week. The attack left two men dead and another injured.

Lawrence Carroll Jr. 67, was shot and killed May 27, 2014. Police say that he opened the door to his apartment when now 31-year-old Charles Ray Hall fired the weapon.

Hall allegedly fled the scene and returned to the same apartment complex five hours later when he confronted a security guard there and, again, opened fire. On Thursday, that man, 37-year-old Angel Maldonado, took the stand to testify against Hall.

Hall is being charged with aggravated assault against Maldonado.

When police found Hall nearby after the assault, they say that he also admitted to killing 50-year-old Rogelio Ramos the day before.

The jury is set to begin deliberations on Friday. If Hall is found guilty, they'll hear from more witnesses about the murder of Rogelio Ramos and the assault of Angel Maldonado next week for sentencing.