It's the 30 second clip that's been viewed hundreds of thousands of times across the world, a full blown brawl in the middle of a San Antonio HEB. Sylvia Cabriales is the Killeen woman who caught it all on camera, she says she couldn't believe her eyes.

"Like animals, they were acting like animals" says Cabriales.

Cabriales says the three women duking it out seemed to know each other from somewhere else. She says when they ran into each other in the east side San Antonio HEB things quickly escalated from verbal threats to hair pulling and dragging each other across the floor. It took a group of men to pull the women apart and get them to cool down. Cabriales says because of the chaos she didn't even get to purchase the things she went to HEB for in the first place.

"I said you know what we can come back later because this is just too much and I left. You go in there thinking that everything is going to be ok, there's no reason for you to feel any danger or in harms way because this is a big store this is HEB" says Cabriales.

Once the women were separated Cabriales says they walked their separate ways but stayed in the store. The video of the fight has been viewed and shared thousands of times on Facebook. Cabriales says she hopes the video will serve as a lesson for the women involved and show them how senseless the whole act was.

"Everybody is fighting a war inside but when you go out in public you need to act like a lady. We need to be nice to each other no matter what the situation or what you're going through, one should always try to be their best" says Cabriales.

It's unclear at this time if the women fighting in the video are facing charges.

Cabriales is a vlogger and says she tries to captures things on camera as much as possible, to connect with her or see more of her videos follow her YouTube channel @SylviaCabrialesVlogs