Security footage outside of a San Antonio Woodsprings Suites shows thieves trying to steal a car.

“The car has over $1,000-worth of damage on the ignition column," owner Jennifer Johnson said. "It’s completely taken apart."

She said that she wasn’t driving the car because it’s not registered. It was given to her by a family member. She said that the title was lost in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, after her family's home flooded.

In the meantime, it’s been parked at the hotel, until last night, when brazen thieves tried to steal it.

Video shows the burglars struggling with the car, moving it back and forth, and back and forth again. They even left behind tools they used to start the car.

But something in the surveillance video shocks Jennifer even more: A police officer with the City of Live Oak drives right past the car while the burglars are trying to steal it.

“When they see my vehicle moving forward and backwards erratically, it's obvious someone was having trouble. He could have got out of his cruiser and said, 'Hey, are you ok?” Johnson lamented.

A spokesperson with the Live Oak Police Department said that the officer in the video had no suspicion or cause to believe a crime was being committed, so he continued his duties. Johnson thought more could have been done.

“If he would have slowed down just enough, he would have seen that the sticker has been out for two years and it would have flagged him to stop,” she said.

Minutes later, another officer who happened to be patrolling the area shows up and looks inside the car with a light, then appears to leave.

Live Oak PD said that the officer made the hotel staff aware of the vehicle and attempted to contact the owner, but because the car is not listed as Johnson’s, the hotel had no record of the owner in their files.

After reviewing the video, police did find a suspect who confessed to the crime. Police say that an arrest warrant will be obtained.

So far, no charges have been filed. Johnson said that she just wants others to know that this can happen to anyone.