Neighbors on the west side are fed up with criminals they say are targeting their subdivision. They say a man is checking every car to see if the doors are unlocked, then running off with valuables.

KENS 5 obtained the video catching the burglars in the act.

"They close the door, they use their t-shirt to open the doors," said Miros Lava, who lives in the neighborhood. "We're trying to discover what we can do to stop them."

The Waters Edge neighborhood near Marbach and 410 is only a year old, with roughly 50 homes.

As families have moved in, they say burglars are zeroing in too. Neighbors believe that thieves make an easy getaway by jumping a fence on the edge of the neighborhood that leads to an apartment complex.

"They go through every vehicle between 3, 4 o'clock in the morning," said Lava, who believes that for the past few months, the same thief has been breaking into cars. "We see them on camera. They come from my area and they go to my neighbor to check his doors, then they went across to check his doors and they just kept on going."

She says that the man took a cell phone from her car.

Another neighbor says that she was robbed of her wallet, which contained cash, credit cards, and social security cards.

"One of the ladies approached one of the gentlemen, well the gentleman that we think is going everywhere here," Lava said. "He was kind of violent towards her, so she just left it alone because she didn't know if he was carrying a weapon or not."

Lava says that eight months ago, a criminal jumped her fence and stole up to $3,000 worth of tools from her shed.

Neighbors hope that someone will recognize the crook so they can have peace in their new community.

"Now that we're on our way out, we check things," Lava explained. "I'll make a round and go around the whole neighborhood to make sure everything's ok and we don't see something, especially around the time I leave at about 3 in the morning."

Residents describe the burglar as a Hispanic man with a large tattoo on the right side of his chest. They say he drives a white car with a spinner on the back and no logo.

If you have any information on this case, call police.