Eleven women were killed in domestic violence incidents in Bexar County in 2016.

That number is up from the previous year, making Bexar County one of the top five in Texas for domestic violence murders.

"When we talk about domestic violence, this isn't an issue between two parties, this is an issue that's affecting the broader public safety of people around them," said Gloria Terry with the Texas Council on Family Violence.

More than 40 percent of women killed had ended their relationships.

Amy Zuniga is a domestic violence survivor who went to the Battered Women and Children's Shelter in San Antonio almost nine years ago.

"I was verbally, mentally, physically, sexually assaulted for so many years," she said.

Just over a year ago, Zuniga remarried and now says that she's happier than ever.

"Now, life is good so there is hope, there is," Zuniga said. "You can have your happy life after going through all of it. There is a happy ending and I'm here."