A San Antonio police officer was nearly hit by gunfire overnight and it was all caught on video.

In the surveillance video recorded near the corner of New Braunfels Avenue and East Crockett Street, two shadowy figures can be seen crossing the street at the same spot where police found a man with multiple gunshot wounds just a couple of minutes later.

The officer, who was already in the area and had just passed by the corner, said that he heard the gunshots and then drove back around the block and found the man bleeding in the street.

Police have not found the gunman.

The victim is being treated at SAMMC for two gunshot wounds.

Meanwhile, some of the people who work at the intersection, and others who live in the area, are completely fed up with the violence.

One man, who asked to be identified as ‘Lawrence,’ expressed disgust with finding crime scene tape littering his workplace.

"A young man was shot, laying on the side of our business," he said. “It's getting out of control and our police department and city officials need to do something about all the crime on the east side. We're taxpayers and, I mean, they need to do a better job of policing the east.”

Lawrence and several employees at a small business next door stood outside Friday morning and watched as a repair team worked to replace a large plate glass panel shattered during Thursday night's attack.

Two bullets pierced a protective metal awning at the EZ Pawn, breaking a big window.

One of the repair workers called the damage to the window an expensive fix.

"It's probably in the $500 range, this one," the worker said.

Neighbors say that they’ve been watching a constant parade of trouble ever since the city shut down a crime-ridden convenience store a few blocks to the north. They are frustrated with the continuing violence.

“A lot of the problems stem from the Handy Stop down the street from us because everything moved over towards the south of us,” Lawrence said. “I mean drug selling, prostitution, just shootouts. I mean, it's getting ridiculous. Something has to be done.

When it comes to the east side, it's like the wild, wild west.”

A police supervisor on patrol in the area stopped to talk with some of the men loitering in the area. He admitted that efforts to make a substantive difference in the area have not been successful, just moving the problem from one block to another.

Neighbors said that the random patrols do no good.

"The police come by, citations are written, and they move and they come back when the police leave," Lawrence said.

Police Chief William McManus has been quoted in the past as saying police simply cannot arrest the problem away, that a real solution involves community action.