It was yet another emotional night in Wilson County on Wednesday. Thousands showed up for a vigil at the Floresville ISD football stadium to stand in solidarity and pray with their neighbors, friends, and family.

"It's such a small town, both Floresville and in Sutherland Springs, and so everyone pretty much knows someone who is impacted by this," one woman said.

The entire nation has been grieving with this community, and it was evident with the presence of Vice President Mike Pence.

"The whole community comes together, so for the vice president to come down here really means a lot. We want to show him what us Texans are all about, that we come together in times of tragedy," resident Cindy Corver said.

In attendance were the families of the victims, surviving members of the church, the heroes who helped stop the bloodshed, and Pastor Frank Pomeroy and his wife, who lost their 14-year-old daughter in the shooting.

Wilson County resident Michelle Welch said that the vigil helps with the healing process.

"I believe it does, yes, because it gives people a chance to grieve together and talk with other people about their loss. I think it does," Welch said.

Governor Greg Abbott was also in attendance and spoke. He also proclaimed November 12 as a day of prayer across Texas.

To see Vice President Pence and Governor Abbott speak at the vigil, watch below or click here: