It’s almost time for the city's largest online charitable campaign, The Big Give. However, you may remember last year's Big Give turned into a big problem after a computer glitch halted all donations.

“Last year was unfortunate. It was disappointing,” said Scott McAninch, executive director of the non-profit council.

Last year’s goal of $6 million was never reached after a computer glitch stopped all donations. Organizers still hit $4.3 million, but, because of the technical problem, organizers estimate that local charities across South Texas lost out on an estimated $1.7 million.

After much consideration and help from technology experts, The Big Give has found a new platform that operates the website and makes sure everything goes smoothly. The new platform will also be focused solely on San Antonio’s big day of giving. Unlike last year, when multiple cities were using the same platform on the same day.

“Because there were 80 cities that were all involved, personally, that was a drag on the system, and we never recovered. The website never recovered,” McAninch said.

The new platform also helps organizers streamline so there are fewer volunteers needed. Most everything is handled online and the website is better. You may also notice a new look this year. It’s part of erasing the bad memories from the previous year.

“Branding is everything, and we really wanted to reset and say, 'This is all new. Platform’s new, logo’s new, color's new. It’s a new day,” McAninch noted.

The new platform has also allowed people to start donating early and there’s already been more than $500,000 donated.