SAN ANTONIO -- Frank Munguia says that to get to and from work, he has to walk through a slimy spot in the 3700 block of Medical Drive.

The constant flow of some type of waste water has created a slippery situation for both pedestrians and the vehicles that have to navigate the watery area.

"I want to know who is responsible for the drainage of this," Munguia said.

Munguia noted that the first time he encountered the mess, it was dark and he didn’t realize he was in danger.

“In the nighttime, you can't see this, and so all of sudden I just started sliding. Luckily I have pretty good balance still or I would have definitely fallen on the floor,” Munguia recalled.

Munguia added that when he returned to the area in the daylight, he found broken glass and other personal items, making him think that someone else fell in the dark.

"I'm sure if it's dangerous for me, I'm sure it's dangerous for other pedestrians,” Munguia said.

The water appears to be leaking from an underground pipe about 30 yards north of Medical Drive.

The water seems to be clean and clear, but because the area has been wet for some time, there is an algae bloom, with masses of green slime flowing away from the pipe.

We asked the San Antonio Water System to check for leaks, and since the city doesn't have a slime department, we asked Transportation and Capital Improvements to look into the matter as well.

TCI did send two inspectors to look for a solution.

“There's got to be a better way to drain this,” Manguia said. “If we just allow this leak to go in the street, there needs to be a bridge across the sidewalk or something.”

When we get answers, we will pass them along.

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