Two sisters captured candid family moments to show their support for first responders.

Jen Baltazar and Jeanette Lewis said they were inspired to give back to responders who risk their lives after a photo of their niece praying with a table of officers went viral.

They said that moment moved them to take action.

“We figured what better way than to capture memories for them that they can treasure,” Baltazar said.

The free photo sessions took place at Landa Library and 17 families signed-up.

“With things that are going on in the country, it's just nice to see that people are offering their support for first responders, police, military, firefighters," said Kenneth Williams, a San Antonio police officer.

Many of them said that it’s been years since they took a professional photo as a family.

“I work overnight on the DWI unit, so just long 10-hour shifts, and then she’s working during the daytime, kids are in school, so it’s kinda hard to find time to take pictures,” Williams said.

DeLaine Ojeda, the wife of a firefighter, said that they have pictures, but you can never have too many.

"You never know what could happen. It is something that we take on, the whole family,” Ojeda said.

Jessica Williams said that she tries not to think about what could happen to her husband when he leaves for work, but she wants to remind the public that’s there’s a human behind the badge.

"I just wish people would understand that when that badge comes off, he's still a father, he's still a husband, he's still a brother,” Williams said.