Within the next two weeks, all local schools in Bexar County will be back in session. So now is the time to think about safety, and there is an easy way to report concerns with school zones.

If low hanging branches obscure safety signs or overgrown lots will be forcing students to walk in the street, reporting the issue is as simple as downloading the San Antonio 311 app. It’s free, user-friendly, and it sends information about problems directly to the correct city department.

The choices on the main menu screen include filing a new report, checking on the status of an existing complaint, and links to other city departments.

With regard to filing a new report, the app has the ability to use the locator functions on smart phones, so a map should automatically identify the problem area.

The program allows users to send photos and notes with additional information about the problem, and then it is just a matter of hitting the send button.

The system generates a response with a reference number to keep track of the complaint.

Once the complaint is received, the appropriate city department follows up and works on a solution.

There are other ways to access the complaint process. During normal business hours, complaints can be called in using the city’s 311 help line. Issues can also be reported directly through the city’s official website.