While beards are coming off at Los Barberos Barbershop, the boys in blue are keeping theirs obvious.

"It’s good for morale," SAPD Park Police Officer Chris Masters said.

For the last 30 days, dozens of San Antonio Police Department officers participated in "No Shave November."

"Its a pain shaving. So it’s cool not having to do it," Officer Masters said.

And now they'll keep their facial hair for 31 more days to honor Detective Benjamin Marconi, who also participated in the movement.

Spokesman for SAPD, Jesse Salame said,

"It looked pretty cool on him, and so this is a way to pay a tribute to our fallen brother,” SAPD spokesman Jesse Salame said. “Any money we raise this month is going to go to Ben's family. Ben was a fantastic guy and he had a lot of charitable donations he contributed to."

"A lot of guys that recently at first didn't participate, they decided to participate because they know contributions are going to him," Park Police Officer Grant Ruedman said.

Back at Los Barberos, owner Edwin Santacruz says that he likes the idea.

"Growing your beard out and cutting it doesn't compare to what our officers do,” Santacruz said. “They give their life to protect us."

Santacruz’s employees always back the blue, with or without a beard.

"We have a good amount of SAPD clients at the shop. We are here to support them and support the people," barber Miguel Ortiz said.

SAPD said that last month they raised $30,000, and $7,000 came from outside the department.

You can make donations at the SAPD Chief's office.