SAN ANTONIO -- A young boy fighting bone cancer is now done with chemo and he celebrated by ringing a special bell along with the San Antonio Fire Department.

Damon Billeck, 12, returned to University Hospital Tuesday after being in remission for eight months. He got to ring a bell as inspiration to other children battling cancer.

"We need to look at him,” said SAFD Chief Charles Hood. “He is a ray of sunshine.”

Damon wore a survivor necklace surrounded by University Hospital doctors and firefighters. He lost his arm while battling bone cancer. However, while he was fighting for his life these past three years, he still thought of others going through the same.

Damon set out to get a bell that other young cancer patients could ring when they finish chemotherapy.

Chief Hood said he admires Damon's bravery and fought back tears for his tiny hero.

“I think he had more impact on me, to be honest with you,” said Chief Hood.

Once part of an old fire truck, Firefighters at Fire Station 11 helped Damon repurposed it into a 'cancer bell' at University Hospital. Damon thanked the Chief for supporting his idea.

"It means a lot,” said Damon. “He helped me get the bell. He told the firefighters to make the stand for me. He's a big part in all this."

“This is one where it’s a happy ending,” Chief Hood added. “Nothing was more important on my calendar than being here with him.”