Rackspace is teaming up with the San Antonio Food Bank to provide a Thanksgiving feast to families in need. Without this help, for many families, a true Thanksgiving dinner would be hard to come by.

“The kids in this community, especially when they aren’t in school, need some help around the holiday season,” said Allie Peterson, a spokesperson for Rackspace. “Meals are hard to come by and we fill that gap. It’s so awesome to fulfill that need.”

The partnership has been going for 11 years now.

“It’s a very natural fit for us, to always be out in the community,” Peterson said. “They volunteer, collect donations, all year long. Support is what we do. Service is what we do.”

From turkeys to holiday fixings and fresh produce, Rackspace and the food bank fed 1,500 families on Saturday as the families lined up in traffic at the company’s parking lot to get a bag full of help, heart, and food.

“The box has things like peanut butter and jelly and spaghetti noodles and things that can help sustain over the break of school,” Peterson noted.

And the families loved it.