The Rackspace community is helping their fellow “Rackers” recover after many of them were affected by recent natural disasters. Whether it be devastation in Florida, Texas, or Mexico, Rackspace employees in those areas are in need of help and their colleagues and the community are stepping up.

“We were doing everything with sandbags and buckets but we could not beat it due to raw sewage. Everything was ruined,” said Brenda Garza, a 17-year-old Racker who lost her home and all of her belongings after Hurricane Irma hit Florida.

Garza is originally from San Antonio but moved to Florida after she got married earlier this year. She’s been working remotely for the company, but her San Antonio-based team was quick to help when they found out that she lost everything.

“I didn’t really expect it. I didn’t want to ask for it, but my boss called and asked if I was okay with it and it was very humbling. So it’s been a beautiful thing,” she said.

A GoFundMe page set up for Garza climbed to $10,000 in just the first 30 hours.

“In that moment, you just don’t know what to do or where to go or how to start,” she said. “So that really just kind of gave me some clarity to step forward and say, ‘Okay, I’m okay to move forward and secure housing for my family.’”

But Garza wasn’t the only Racker hit by disasters recently.

“We had 24 employees impacted in the Houston area and 28 in Florida. So those are all of our working-from-home employees,” said Allie Patterson, who works with Rackspace Community Affairs. “We also have an office in Mexico City, so after the recent earthquake, we actually have one employee that was directly impacted who hasn’t been able to get back into their apartment. But Rackers are already rallying to financially support.”

The tech giant has notably given to the Rebuild Texas Fund. Employees have also donated supplies and even blood.

It all makes Garza very proud to work with the company as she moves forward with recovery.

“That’s what being a Racker is all about,” she said. “So keep on Racking is all I want to say!”