Some east-side ministers are working hard to make sure their prayers for a more peaceful community are answered.

The Summer Soul Winner campaign is coming to an east side parking lot July 29. Organizers hope the event will be a prayerful, loving solution for an area that is always on the front lines of fighting crime and violence.

One year ago, with the KENS 5 CORE project, eyewitnesses in the streets said that they were tired of the danger and unrest and were committed to bringing peace to the east.

Now, crime statistics are down in the area, but the ministers say that the changes they have seen are not enough. Minister Jondavid De Leon is helping to organize an army of faithful volunteers who will take their message to the streets.

"There's resources and things and ready and here we go! We got this! We got that! I got this area handled and so, Amen! You know, let's move with it!" De Leon said.

The event will take place in a church parking lot at 1815 South W W White Road.

Starting at 5 p.m., the group will share free music, food, and fun for the kids.

De Leon said that the good people of the east side will prevail in the war against crime.

“It is already won! I see greatness. I see rivers of living water because our God is a great God," De Leon exclaimed.

You can learn more at the group's official Facebook event page here.