While both the poverty rate and the number of people on food stamps in San Antonio is decreasing, the number of people on food stamps isn't decreasing as fast.

That's because people just above the poverty line still qualify for food stamps, according to the president of the San Antonio Food Bank.

"People that understand what the poverty line is and the fact that it's so low know that just because you're out of poverty doesn't mean you're out of need," said Eric Cooper, president of the food bank.

On Friday, one of the food bank's mobile pantries went to the west side where dozens of people lined up to get food. Demetria Keys is on food stamps and said that she needs the assistance for her family.

"I'm not only new here, but I'm a single mom. I have three children and so it would help my family have extra things that we might not have," she said. "I've been praying about new opportunities and I think this is just another open door that God provided before me."

If you want to know if you qualify for food stamps you can visit the San Antonio Food Bank's official website: http://safoodbank.org/

They can help you fill out an application. Most applications are processed between 30 to 45 days.