A major south-side center that helps seniors and the disabled has been shut down because it needs major repairs.

Congressman Lloyd Doggett said that he’s pressing to get the Social Security Administration office at 3438 East Southcross fixed and reopened for business as fast as possible.

The busy help center is closed due to foundation issues, according to Congressman Doggett.

"This building is practically splitting in two. Tiles have fallen down from the ceiling. It would pose a danger to anyone coming to consult with the employees and to the employees," the congressman said.

Congressman Doggett said that help is still available locally. The 30-plus employees are now working at an office in the Federal Building downtown at 727 East Cesar Chavez.

Many fixed-income people who showed up at the center at mid-day Friday and found the doors locked expressed nothing but disappointment.

"It's really important that office be fully accessible and safe," said Congressman Doggett, who added that he’s been told the repair work should be completed by the end of the summer.

He’s hoping to see the office open again around Labor Day.