You won't find Christian Withers' paintings on your typical Black Friday shopping spree. But you can find them at the Eseranza Center's Peace Market.

"Here, our motto is ‘cooperation instead of competition,’" he said.

Other vendors at the market reciprocate that feeling.

"We don't compete with each other, but we help each other," said Margarita Hernandez, who sells hand-crocheted items among other things. "All sorts of walks, they come here and it's better than having a big box retail store open for people to just go grab things. Here we talk a little about our craft, where it comes from, where the yarn comes from, what we were thinking about when we made it.”

There's music, balloon animals and gifts you really can't find anywhere else.

"I like it here because everything is personalized and unique instead of waiting in line to buy something at not necessarily a better price," shopper Nicole Parlee said.

Plus, unlike Black Friday, the Peace Market lasts all weekend.