SAN ANTONIO – On Tuesday, Bexar County unveiled a new, free way to keep people out of flooded low water crossings.

It is a $10 million project to help get real-time data to people before they head out to drive during storms.

"This new website will actually allow residents to log onto the website and subscribe to the sites that directly impact them,” said Renee Green, the Bexar County Public Works director.

The program is called HALT, which stands for High-water Alert Lifesaving Technology.

Anyone who visits the county’s new website and subscribes to the service will get text messages or emails directly related to their specific area when the water is rising.

The advantage of the new system is that even when there are no barricades and even in the dead of night, anyone can access current data about the roads and routes that matter.

"I know the minute my ping goes off for a text message, I'm looking at that,” Green said. “So hopefully that will bring the awareness up front and center."

In all, 92 crossings have been added to the alert system with this effort, bringing the total number of monitored sites to 185 all over the city and county.

County Judge Nelson Wolff says that since the deadly flood of October 1998, the county, the city and the San Antonio River Authority have worked together on many joint efforts, investing about $500 million in projects to save lives and property.

As for what comes next, county officials said that they will add a mobile-friendly app and real time stream flow rates so that more information will be available in a variety of formats.

Here is a link to the HALT website if you would like to subscribe to the service: