Starting Thursday, more than a dozen people are fasting to keep an emergency shelter open at Inner City Development.

"It's hard because lot of people end up on the street without programs like this," said Catalina Roel, who found the organization when she needed help after three brain aneurisms. "I was re-taught how to walk. Well, with programs like this, it helps when you don't get but $100 in food stamps or $100 in social security.”

Calionadh Murtagh also started fasting to make sure there is enough food for families for the next year.

"I'm just going to be doing liquids, tea, coffee, water," Murtagh said.

A group of people will eat, at most, bread and water until they raise $1,000 each.

Gordon Hartman, the founder of Morgan's Wonderland, raised the stakes for the community.

"For every dollar you give between now and noon Sunday, I will add another dollar," Hartman promised.

It would essentially double the fundraising goal of $40,000 to fund the program for the next year.

It’s a program that helps as many as a thousand families a year; plus provide sack lunches for the homeless and snacks for 150 kids a day during the summer.

"People are so thankful when they come in here and to know there is a service available for them," Murtagh explained.

For an organization that gives year-round, it now needs some giving in return to keep the doors open.

"The peace within is a big reward back," said Roel, who also volunteers at the Inner City Development.

Gordon Hartman said that if the fundraising goal is reached by Saturday afternoon, his match would go up, potentially raising $100,000.

For more information on how to help, visit the Inner City Development official website.