Just days after an extreme makeover of the Capitol Park Little League complex by the Mission Park Funeral Chapel family, it was time for hopeful kids to enjoy their newly refurbished field of dreams on Saturday.

Dozens turned out for tryouts for the new season, which begins in about three weeks.

The park was an overgrown tangle of weeds earlier in the week. League officials say that burglars recently broke in and stole virtually all of their lawn and maintenance equipment.

After a story on KENS 5 about the theft, Dick Tips of Mission Park brought his entire landscaping crew for a late-inning save.

The workers had the fields in top shape in no time and, to make sure the kids would have a safe place to play, Tips donated a new riding mower for future use.

TJ Bolf said that he brought a glove that has been in his family for generations to tryouts. He said that he'd been practicing throwing and catching at home but he was excited about the prospect of batting.

He called baseball a smart sport to play.

"When I was first playing sports, I was playing soccer. My mom told me there was less running so I chose baseball," Bolf said.

Bolf’s mom, Tabitha Alderman, said

“I think the community came together to where the kids can actually come out here and play and I think that that's what we need in this world right now," said Tabitha Alderman, Bolf's mom. "With all the crazy stuff going on, our kids need something to do to get their minds off of it and just come out here and have a good time.”

Charlie Williams brought his son to try out, but he also came to volunteer.

"I like it, getting the boys, to teach them something that we all know and see them grow as athletes, as people, young adults, to learn something new every day," he said.