It's been five months since Texas Thrift was damaged by the blaze that killed one fire fighter and injured two others.

"This is a memorial to Scott [Deem]," said Texas Thrift director Keith Dils. "I think about him all the time, our team does."

As the store opened its doors Friday, the staff said that they remember firefighter Scott Deem, who died trying to save the building. Texas Thrift was damaged during the fire back in May. A firewall stopped the flames from spreading into the store, but water seeped in, causing damage.

Linda Zielgler and Edna Molina shopped for baby clothes for their church the day the store opened its doors again.

"The store serves a lot of the community," Ziegler said. "I'm sure a lot of people were anxious to have it open again."

Ziegler and Molina live close to the area, and for the past few months can't forget about the fire.

"I've come through the parking lot, and remember he lost his life to save these buildings," Ziegler said. "We're very thankful and hope his family find peace and comfort again."