What to do after high school? That's a pretty big decision. Hundreds of San Antonio graduating seniors are choosing to serve their country.

Alyssa Solano’s decision to join the U.S Army was easy.

“What really inspired me was my grandfather,” she said. “He was in the Army, in the Vietnam War, and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.”

By the end of the summer, she’ll be leaving San Antonio for Missouri.

“I think it’s a very big deal because we’re all young and here we are trying to go serve our country,” she said.

Our Community Salutes San Antonio honored all future servicemen and women in our community on Wednesday night.

The organization helps future enlistees and their families with educational resources and support groups.

“We’re the first to say, ‘thank you’,” said Cyndi Porter, the president of the San Antonio chapter of Our Community Salutes San Antonio.

Porter said that the organization started after a mother in New Jersey realized that her son wasn’t getting recognized at his own high school graduation for his choice to enlist, while other students received recognition for their awards and honors.

“Other students were getting applause for their scholarships, awards, and college choices, but the choice to serve our country was ignored.”

The ceremony was a perfect fit for future leaders and heroes.