On the eve of Thanksgiving, hundreds of San Antonians walked through the streets of downtown to give thanks to Detective Benjamin Marconi of the San Antonio Police Department, who gave his life protecting the city.

As a show of respect, it was a silent march and it was quiet despite the hundreds of people that showed up.

“My son and daughter both serve in law enforcement in Phoenix, Arizona and this really hurts to see this happen. Such a tragedy,” Wanda Hild said.

While everyone was walking for Detective Marconi, shirts, flags and signs made it clear that Wednesday was also a show of solidarity for everyone who wears the badge.

“It’s huge. You just ask and it chokes me up because this is what San Antonio is all about. We’re totally different than the rest of the country,” SAPD Sgt. Jim Smith said.

The endpoint for the one-mile march was the memorial outside police headquarters; a memorial that got even bigger on the eve of Thanksgiving.

“It’s so neat to see everybody out here showing their support, you know, because I’m sure everyone has thankful plans,” Hild said. “But, you know, we all need to be thankful for everything God has given us.”

“Nobody should have to suffer a loss like this, especially before the holidays,” Erin Johnson said.