When you think of Girl Scouts, you probably think "cookies." But a local troop wants you to think of books.

To celebrate San Antonio's upcoming 300th birthday, Girl Scout Troop 300 is building 300 mini libraries.

"I like Erin Hunter. I think her books are very interesting,” said 10 year-old Annika Burke, a Girl Scout who loves reading and wants to share her passion for books with children who aren't as fortunate as her. “Girl Scout Troop 300 will be making 300 little free libraries all around S.A. specifically where libraries are hard to access."

They’ve been learning how to make the little libraries at local high school woodshops, and they're planning group events so the community can also help assemble them.

To cover costs, they've set up a GoFundMe page.

“We need money, materials, and volunteers to help build and be stewards to run the libraries,” said Emily Jellick, who's working as the Girl Scount troop's money manager.

The magic number is 300. Think about it. Girl Scout Troop 300 is installing 300 little free libraries in time for the 300th anniversary of San Antonio.

Why libraries? The troop feels that higher literacy is a win-win for the whole community.

"It is important for people to read because it expands their imagination,” Burke said.

Their troop's book drive collected more than 1,600 books to donate to SA Reads, which already agreed to supply books for the future little libraries.

For more information go to Troop300LFL.com.

Expect the mini libraries pop up in neighborhoods across San Antonio by January 2018.