When Linda Vela was murdered on December 27, four kids lost their mother.

On Saturday, they gained an entire community of support as volunteers turned out to cook hamburgers and nourish a feeling of hope.

"Everything here has been donated,” said Javier Muniz, who helped organize the event. “It's amazing and it’s all for the kids."

Lupe Anaya held a hand-made sign and did her best to draw the attention of drivers passing by the parking lot event at DieHard Auto Center in the 8500 block of Wurzbach Road.

"We want to get the best outcome we can possible for the children. They're going to need it," Anaya said.

Whether they were selling tickets or slaving over smoke, everyone did what they could for a woman who lived a life of service.

"Miss Linda was a graduate from UIW, with her Masters, and she was getting started on her charity program and she was real big on motivating people,” Muniz said.

Her charity, which she called “The Power of You,” is now coming full circle, with those she helped helping her kids.

“She wanted to be a motivational speaker and The Power of You says it all,” Muniz said. “You have the power to do everything that God intended for you to do. And that's what she was starting and, you know, the kids want to continue that legacy.”

“I mean, any time someone's in need of something, we're always willing to help, no questions,” volunteer Monica Gomez said. “We got a lot of donations from a lot of people.”

“There's more and more people coming as the day goes on, so it's really good to see that a lot of people are turning up,” said volunteer Nati Salazar as she packaged food to go.

“Their Mom may be gone but The Power of You is still here and her legacy continues through them,” Muniz said.

Friends of the family have also established a GoFundMe page where people can make donations here.