Several organizations are teaming up to help fight hunger this summer for 175 kids and their families.

Eagles Flight Advocacy and Outreach and Last Chance Ministries teamed up with the San Antonio Food Bank to distribute food to local kids when they need it most. They packed vegetables, fresh fruit, snacks, and juice.

Pamela Allen, executive director of Eagles Flight Advocacy and Outreach, said that if it weren't for the event, families would go hungry.

"These children qualify for free breakfast and lunch. If we weren't here, they would be going without, and we should not be having children go hungry in the city or in the state," Allen said.

Stacey Tello, a mother of four, came by the event to receive food. She said that the donation is a tremendous help.

"Especially when it's you, by yourself. You are trying to go to work to provide for your kids and struggling," Tello explained.

"I'm so proud of what we do here and how we rally together as organizations, churches, coming together," Allen said.

The pantry at Eagles Flight Advocacy and Outreach is open Wednesdays and Fridays every week during the summer.