SAN ANTONIO -- People who live in the Oak Hollow Mobile Home Park on Prue Road in northwest San Antonio say that all 63 tenants of the troubled park just received certified letters of eviction.

They say that the drastic action came after the City of San Antonio cited the owner of the park for code violations that included complaints about sewage overflows and improper water connections.

Resident Jesus Arredondo said that the owner tried to claim that the city had condemned the entire park.

“It was false information because Development Services did not condemn the park," Arredondo said.

However, there are problems with health and safety issues, especially with regard to sewage.

Arredondo said that 12 residents have been moved to a motel on a temporary basis to keep everyone safe.

"The rain is coming. It's only going to get worse. And the smell is really bad when it's overflowing," said Arredondo as he stood on wet, marshy ground.

Arredondo also pointed out toys and play equipment nearby, saying that the children who live near the constant spills are being exposed to unnecessary dangers.

The biggest challenge, according to Arredondo, is that many people own their mobile homes but they do not own the ground on which they are sitting. That means that the repair to the basic infrastructure of the park has been out of the control of residents.

Many homes here are so old and in such a state of disrepair that they either won't be allowed in newer parks or would not survive a move, according to Arredondo.

He added that the 60 days they've been given to vacate the park will be tough on the many elderly and disabled residents.

“They’re not wealthy. That’s why they live here. It’s because this is what they can afford and they’re not going to be able to find something else they can afford,” Arredondo noted.

A solution may be at hand for at least some of the people at the park. Arredondo said that the owner of another park with 18 vacancies said that he will work with people immediately to see if can't get things moving.

Work to move some of the homes may begin as early as Friday.