Fallen San Antonio Police Department Detective Benjamin Marconi, who was killed in the line of duty, continues to serve even after his death.

On November 20, he was gunned down outside police headquarters. Otis McKane, 31, claimed that he killed Marconi because he was upset over a family custody dispute and lashed out at the detective. But even after his tragic death, Marconi is still helping the community.

"You just can't say enough good things about Detective Marconi; his character, his work ethic, and all that he did for the City of San Antonio," SAPD Chief William McManus said.

Earlier this year, the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center gave HEB gift cards to people who donated blood. City employees who gave blood took their cards and gave them to Marconi's family. The gift cards totaled $3,330. The family decided to donate the cards to Haven for Hope and the Battered and Women's Children's Shelter in his honor.

"He worked selflessly in the special victims unit. That's probably why he was so dedicated to the Battered Women and Children's Shelter,” Chief McManus said.

"We are truly humbled by this donation and so grateful to the family for thinking of our organization," said Celeste Eggert with Haven for Hope.

"It's more than just a gift card. It's a personal gift [that] can help build brighter futures and transform their lives, really," said Linda Canizales with the Battered Women and Children's Shelter.

Marconi's family said in a statement that changing lives is all he ever wanted to do.

"On behalf of my brother, Dane, and myself; I would like to thank the City of San Antonio employees and the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center on their joint efforts to not only selflessly give blood, but to then turn around and donate their HEB gift cards from STBTC to our family in honor of our father," said Jacy Marconi Lewis, Det. Marconi's daughter.

The blood center calls on San Antonio to take a page from his book. Marconi was an avid blood donor since 1991.

"I think in his honor, all of the community who is listening to his message today, if they have a moment to come and donate blood now is the time to do it," said Elizabeth Waltman, the COO of the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center.