Councilman Roberto Trevino is taking to the streets in District 1 to find out more about issues plaguing neighborhoods in the area.

The walk will start at 201 West Mandalay Drive on Saturday. Councilman Trevino says that it's going to be a collaborative partnership to improve the quality of life in the area.

"We've had a lot of break-ins in vehicles," said Jerry Tyson, a neighbor who's lived in District 1 for 50 years. "I had someone smash one of my vehicle windows."

It's one of the issues he hopes Trevino can address. The Councilman to Community Block Walk is an effort that will include Animal Care Services, the San Antonio Police Department and the city's capital improvements division.

"We really want to learn first-hand what are some of these issues. And by doing this, we feel that we can have a better relationship to the community," Councilman Trevino said.

District 1 is getting 26 percent of the city's $850 Million dollar bond. Trevino says that the walk will give him and his staff a better understanding of how to allocate those funds within the area.

"No. 1 is always side walks," Trevino said. "Public safety is a big concern, lighting, drainage and vacant buildings."

Trevino's plan is to eventually visit every neighborhood in District 1 and log the data collected through an app his staff is creating.

"Something that we can monitor and measure on a daily basis," Trevino said. "We'll have my staff making sure that these issues are being tracked and addressed."