District 2 City Councilman William “Cruz” Shaw took to the streets of the east side on Friday with a different approach to the violence, all in response to a rash of shootings in the district.

A total of seven shootings in the last week left one person dead and another paralyzed.

Councilman Shaw hopes to tackle the problem head-on in just the first few months of his new job with city council.

"Don't give up, because we care. Our kids are out here and we have a future. Don't give up, because we're going to make this place better, I promise you that," Shaw said.

That’s a promise that many have already committed to. But Shaw went door to door with members of the San Antonio Police Department on Friday night in a grassroots effort to talk with residents one-on-one about problems they’re seeing in their neighborhoods.

"We're talking to the young people in our community to let them know that there are other options other than violence, and we're here for them," he said.

But even the councilman admits that it’s going to take more than that. That’s why he brought along Martin Henderson with Group Violence Intervention.

"It has to stop somewhere, it doesn't have to be multiple tragedies," said Henderson, who was born and raised on the east side and now dedicates his life to bettering the streets he grew up in. "We're trying to keep people alive.”

Police say that one of the problems is a lack of tips from witnesses. Councilman Shaw hopes to combat that by continuing the GVI program and providing opportunities for east-siders to better themselves.

"Let's bring jobs back to the district, let's get folks working, let's be productive citizens of District 2 and of San Antonio," Shaw said.