Saturday marked a bittersweet day for San Antonio Police Department Officer Julio Cavazos's daughter. It's her birthday, but the officer is one of two officers shot on Thursday while patrolling an area near San Antonio College.

Both officers are nine-year veterans of the force. Officer Miguel Moreno, 32, was shot in the head and later pronounced dead. Officer Julio Cavazos, 36, was struck in the chin and the bullet lodged in his upper torso. He's recovering at San Antonio Military Medical Center.

"Officer Cavazos was a hero through this event," SAPD Chief William McManus said. "He was shot first, he returned fire, reloaded, returned fire again, before he finally struck the shooter."

Officer Cavazos, a husband and father, is said to have a long recovery ahead of him. In the midst of it all, his daughter was left to celebrate her 6th birthday with her father in intensive care.

To cheer her up on Saturday, dozens of people from the community stopped by the San Antonio substation where Officer Cavazos worked to drop off gifts for his daughter.

"As a community, we can try to bring some joy and some laughter and love into this little girl's heart," said Pattie Hahn, who stopped by the station.

Each person also left behind special words of encouragement.

"You have an entire family who's here to support you," said Kimberly Culp, who dropped off a gift. "Because your daddy's family is our family as well."