A fundraiser was held at Cooter Browns Saloon to help a family who lost two loved ones in a tragic boating accident.

On June 23, the Oliver family was enjoying their day at Temple Lake Park when police say a recreational house boat ran over 4-year-old Kaitlyn and killed her. Her father, Patrick, who tried to save her, got caught in the boat propellers. Patrick later, died at a hospital.

"You never think that your little brother is going to go before you do. It still hasn't even fully set in. I think I'm going to be able to call him. I'm going to be able to see him,” Robert Oliver said. “The fact that that's not happening, it’s devastating for the whole family."

On Sunday, Cooter Browns Saloon held a barbecue fundraiser to help raise money for medical expenses.

Patrick was about to start a new job and he wasn't covered by health insurance. The family says that they are deeply grateful for the support from friends and even strangers.

"Just the love and support of the community, it's meant the world to the family. There's just no way for us to thank everybody enough for it," family member Christine Alfonso said. "Patrick and Kaityln's funeral was yesterday. We had a beautiful double ceremony for them and we had a balloon release at the end. Yesterday was very hard but we want today to be about a celebration for Patrick and Kaitlyn."

The assistant manager and childhood friend of Patrick's has donated an AR-15 rifle for a raffle drawing.

"They are getting it Cerakoted. It was just a donation of mine to the family to just help and give the proceeds to the family. Anything I can do to help out and Cooter Browns is here to help out the family," assistant manager John Enloes said.

It's $10 per raffle ticket. People can buy tickets this week at Cooter Browns Saloon. The drawing will happen Sunday, July 23. The winner will have to pass a background check.