In Floresville, a candlelight vigil is taking place to honor of Detective Ben Marconi, who was ambushed and killed in his patrol car on Sunday.

Many people in Floresville grew up with Ben Marconi. His kids went to school with their kids.

On the map, Floresville is just 40 miles from San Antonio, but on a journey of the heart, it is a world away. At the end of every work day, Ben Marconi did what thousands of his Wilson County neighbors do: They flee the big city, traveling back to a place and a time of immense value.

It is a land of lone star pride, cattle, crops and community.

On Friday night, it is these neighbors who turned this Black Friday blue, lighting up the night in memory of a servant who's light was snuffed out far too soon.

"May it bring peace to his family. Also we're going to be praying for the safety of all our law enforcement officers, our military, our first responders, because one life lost is one too many,” Floresville Mayor Cissy Gonzalez-Dippel said. “So we're going to get together tonight. We're going to pray. We're going to cry and lift up as much as we can and we appreciate everybody coming out."