A man in the Beacon Hill area could soon save his neighbors hundreds of dollars by showing them how to care for their cars for free.

On any given day, you can find Dale Bracey under the hood of one of his 10 cars.

“It's more of a hobby,” Bracey, an avid car collector, said. “My dad has always been in the car industry. I can remember back as far as three years old.”

He’s been tinkering with belts and batteries over time and has taught himself how to fix and maintain all kinds of rides. Now, he's teaching neighbors in Beacon Hill and Alta Vista how to do the same.

Many apartment complexes don’t allow residents to fix cars in their parking lot, so Bracey is offering up his own backyard to help get the job done.

“I think this is a great idea, especially coming from a neighbor,” Richard Deleon, who lives in the area, said. “I drive an old vehicle, too, and it would probably help me greatly.”

He’s helping neighbors like Deleon save money as well. According to AAA, drivers can expect to spend an average of about $5 per mile on car maintenance costs, for a total of about $792 per year.

“A lot of people are so apprehensive to take on something new, or take on something themselves,” Bracey said. “A lot of times it's really super simple.”

It’s also an easy way to build community as well. Car clinics are something Bracey said auto enthusiasts have been doing together for decades. He's eager to introduce the concept to others as a way of serving his community.

Neighbors interested in participating in the free car clinics, which kicks off this spring, can sign up here.