The Texas Comptroller says that for the fifth year in a row the amount of unclaimed property in the State of Texas has hit record-breaking levels.

The state has $281 million in unclaimed property from fiscal 2017 in the form of things like forgotten utility deposits, insurance proceeds, payroll checks, cashier's checks, dormant bank accounts, and abandoned safe-deposit boxes.

"Different circumstances lend themselves to opportunities where money can be lost," said Chris Bryan, the spokesperson for the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Bryan says that money has been adding up since the state unclaimed property program began in 1962.

"Currently, in the entire program, there is $4 billion in unclaimed property that we are trying to give back to rightful owners and Texans all over the state," Bryan noted.

"That I find pretty amazing that they would leave almost liquid assets around for so long," said Jamie Calberg, who hopes that some of that money sitting around is his.

Calberg decided to see if he could get in on the action by logging on to The website is fairly straightforward. Calberg just entered his name and zip code, found records for his property, and was asked to enter a bit more and, within minutes, he found out that he still had some stock left in Wendy's Hamburgers.

"I know I had some since the time I was born, and I believe I cashed out most of that at some point," Calberg said.

But he won't find out how much is left until he prints out the form, fills it out, and sends it to the state. If there is money sitting there, he'll get a check in a couple of months.

He says he'll decide what to do with the money once he finds out how much he'll get.