Go green and get green. Both the San Antonio Water System and CPS Energy are offering money-saving deals to be environmentally friendly.

The deadline to take advantage of the SAWS Watersaver Landscape Coupon Program is October 31.

SAWS spokesman Mark Peterson says the program is different than any you’ll see in the entire country.

“Most other places have a rebate program. We have this coupon program and it is probably the most unique in the state and probably in the country, and I believe it is why we lead the nation in water savings per capita,” said Peterson, who added that one of the program’s biggest assets is its simplicity. “You go online to apply for a coupon and then you take the coupon, whether it's a landscape coupon for a minimum of 15 plants or whether it's a patio scape coupon, and then you’re going to get either $100 or $200 depending on whether or not you have an in-ground irrigation system.”

Peterson noted that the deadline to get the coupon is the end of this month, and the deadline to use the coupon at an area retailer is 30 days later.

Because shade trees can lead to big energy savings for homeowners as well, CPS Energy also has a deal, but it is first come, first serve until the funds run out.

The CPS Energy program is simple as well. Plant a tree from a qualified species list that come in a five-gallon or larger container in the smartest spot in your yard and you could be eligible for a $50 rebate.

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