We've seen the images of devastation across our state and internationally. Recent events are making it tough for those who regularly donate in times of need to decide where to give to most.

Marion Lee is a fundraising expert with Lee and Associates. She said that people give back most right after a devastating event.

“Donors are going to be really giving right now, particularly in this state,” Lee noted. “This hit home, and it hit hard.”

Lee says that it's going to take months before we see the ripple effect these natural disasters will have on the non-profit community.

“As we gradually move through this year, people are going to say, ‘We gave so much to habitat or some other cause that we're not gonna be able to give this gift that we normally make this time of the year,’” she explained.

Lee says that donors are most likely to give to areas hit closest to them.

“Do I think it's going to affect international giving outside of the states? Yes I do,” she said.

Still, Lee said says that donors will always give. She even has some advice for those who give back:

“Please continue giving, and don't be fearful of asking the non-profit where your money is going.”