If you're one of the few people in a dilemma because you got into shape and dumped all that body fat only to have the "dad bod" start trending, well you're in luck.

TheDadBag.com has gone viral thanks to its unique line of fanny packs featuring a lifelike hairy gut. Perfect for guys too in shape to feature the real thing.

The only shame is that they're not available to purchase yet. On the official website, the creator says that he's still talking to distributors about a deal that would make them available for purchase to a mass audience.

“My inspiration was seeing all the posts about dad bods being cool,” creator Albert Pukies said in an interview with the Huffington Post. “I think people want them because of that reason. You can have a dad bod without any health issues.”

Given the attention that the product is garnering this week, we're guessing it won't be long before you can buy this as a gag gift for a friend or family member.

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