A new scratch lotto card has Texans crying foul.

Hundreds think they've hit it big only to find out they're not getting anything. The game in question is called "Fun 5s," and there are five separate games on the ticket. It's the fifth game that's causing problems.

When people think they are a winner and are about to cash in on some serious dough, they scan the ticket and find out they are not a winner.

"The Texas Lottery really messed up on this ticket. I know what they intended to do but there is a difference between what they intended to do versus what they did do," said lottery watchdog Dawn Nettles.

The instructions for the game say, "Reveal three '5' symbols in any one row, column, or diagonal, win PRIZE in PRIZE box." Then in a separate sentence, "Reveal a Money Bag symbol in the 5X box, win 5 times that prize."

I scratched off one of the tickets, and did not get three 5's in a row, but I did get the money bag in the 5X box and $1,000 in the prize box. I thought I won $5,000. But when I went to check it I was told it was not a winner. Another customer KENS 5 spoke to says he would have thought the same thing if it was his ticket.

The Texas Lottery tells Eyewitness News the game is fair, and if players have questions to call the Texas Lottery Commission.

Dawn Nettles runs the website lottoreport.com, which bills itself as the unofficial authority on the state lottery. She says she's fielded hundreds of calls about this game, and says legislators need to tell the lotto to pay up. On her website she advises players who think they've won on the steps they should take to try to cash in on their ticket.

"Look you've got to put a halt to this, and you've got to honor what you say, and just do it get it over with and move on," said Nettles.

The Fun 5s have only been out since September 1, and with over 16 million of them printed there are still plenty of chances if you decide you want to press your luck.