Spring is officially here, and “spring cleaning” means more than just sorting out your home.

KENS 5’s Audrey Castoreno has some apps you can use to help you clean out the clutter from your physical and digital life.

Here are the apps she talks about:

Flic is an app that makes it easier to get rid of extra photos taking up space on your phone or other mobile device.

Unroll Me can light the load in your inbox.

The Snupps app can catalog items in your home and makes it easier to sell them online.

Evernote Scannable for iOS will digitize notes, business cards, receipts, and anything else on paper with your phone. Android phones can use the regular Evernote app for this as well.

Finally, Bright Nest can help you with cleaning tasks around the house with home maintenance tips and guides to help get your home organized for spring.