A northwest-side senior living complex went nine hours without power on Wednesday. Many of the residents are sick and rely on oxygen machines, which they did not have access to while the power was out.

According to CPS, two transformers went out around 1:30 p.m. CPS did not arrive until much later because the facility was not designated as having anyone on life-sustaining equipment.

Despite the residence being catered to seniors, there is no management on site after hours.

KENS 5 was contacted about the incident around 7 p.m. When a crew arrived, no first responders were on scene, so KENS 5 contacted the authorities.

When the fire department, police, and other first responders showed up, they found many residents with health problems unable to use their equipment. Many residents in wheelchairs couldn’t evacuate because the elevators weren’t working.

Power was restored to the facility around 10 p.m.

Even before this incident, some residents told KENS 5 that they had experienced problems with the facility.

Management has not responded to calls for comment.