A few hours before the Best Buy on the west side opened up for Black Friday sales, about 100 shoppers stood in line outside the store, some even camped out since Monday evening to be the first when the doors opened.

"We stay the night and, of course, Best Buy has been really great about letting us in and out to use the bathroom. They know all our faces," said Christina Gonzalez, who has been camping out since Monday.

Gonzalez wanted to buy her daughter an early graduation present because she recently got accepted to UTSA. She says that Black Friday camping is a way to spend time with her family.

"I asked my son, 'Do you want to go for an adventure and go camping in front of Best Buy so we can get that computer for his sister?' And he said, 'Let's do it!' So we're out here, we're here for the computer," Gonzalez said.

WalletHub estimates that the average San Antonio shopper will spend about $581 buying holiday gifts this year.

"It's worth the experience to stand out here. What else are you going to do on Thanksgiving but watch football?" said one shopper who had been standing in line for a few hours.

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