For years, many commuters have considered San Antonio International Airport to be sub-par considering it's supposed to support one of the biggest cities in the counrty. Now, city officials like Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Airport Aviation Director Russel Handy are deciding what the next course of action is.

“The mayor and I have been discussing this,” Handy said. “About forming a committee to bring together the leaders of our community and talk about the future of the community and what an aviation system needs to provide to meet the requirements of the community.”

Handy said that the committee will discuss those needs, including more direct flights to major U.S. cities. Just last week, American Airlines announced direct flights to Philadelphia. Earlier this year, Frontier added Colorado Springs to the list of direct flights to and from the Alamo City.

“We're going to continue to add as our community grows, and the airport will need to evolve with that,” said Handy, who added that an evolution could mean an expansion of this airport or an entirely new airport at a different location.

The goal is to attract more airlines to add more flights, which will help lure big businesses that see potential in San Antonio.

Handy says that that committee will begin to meet in January. They are expected to come up with a plan for a bigger, better San Antonio airport by the middle of next year.