While everyone else is talking turkey, there's a family business in east San Antonio where they are seeing red.

Peterson Brothers Nursery is now home to 38,000 Poinsettia plants.

“There's 33 greenhouses of poinsettias and we started thinking about Christmas in July. The cuttings come in then,” head grower Paul Kosub said. “They're about two inches tall with four little leaves on them and no roots. We have to root, step up, and then finish them.”

Kosub noted that the cuttings are imported from all over the world.

“Ethiopia, Guatemala, El Salvador, San Salvador, Germany, they come from all over the world and we do a red, a white, a pink, a freckled called ‘red glitter,’ a Picasso, which is a little different, and an ice crystal, which is red with a white center down the middle,” Kosub said.

They protect them from the elements all summer long and water wisely.

“We try to watch our water as close as possible. Our water is expensive because we're injecting fertilizer in it also, so every plant on the place, when it gets water, it is also being fertilized,” Kosub explained.

Starting at Thanksgiving, the mad rush to deliver the plants is on and it becomes a seven-day-a-week operation.

Peterson Brothers Nursery sells about 25,000 red plants, so red is by far the most popular color. They also grow a number of varieties so that the plants will mature at different rates, ensuring fresh plants during the entire holiday season.

Kosub said that they don’t get tired of seeing red because the plants bring in the green.

The poinsettia business allows the company to keep their workers busy year-round. If they had to rely on bedding plants alone, the pickings would be slim during the fall and winter.

“Come Thanksgiving, people don't want to mess with bedding plants, but we wanted to keep our whole crew on and we’ve been doing this 28 to 30 years,” Kosub said.

Peterson's is a wholesaler and they do not sell to the big box stores.

Here is a list of the local retailers who will be selling these home-grown favorites this holiday season:

Fanick's Garden Center
1025 Holmgreen Road

Rainbow Gardens
2585 Thousand Oaks
8516 Bandera Road

Milberger's Landscaping and Nursery
3920 North Loop 1604 East

Evergreen Garden Center
922 West Hildebrand

Schulz Nursery in Marion
100 West Huebinger Street

Wholesale only:
Peterson Brothers Nursery
1630 Creekview Dr, San Antonio, TX 78219
Phone: (210) 333-6971