A pair of shoes from a popular sneaker brand has parents concerned that it could end up making their child a victim.

Kyle Dropik, a concerned parent, said that he was shopping for school shoes for his daughter at the Skechers factory outlet located on West Loop 1604 North. He came across a pair of shoes called the "Skecher Skech Rays" in the boy section that he said was appalling to him.

On Facebook, he posted:

Having a daughter, it greatly disturbs me to see that Sketchers has made boys shoes with mirrors on the toes. These need to be removed immediately. Please share as much as possible until these shoes are removed from stores.

Other people who commented on Dropik's post were also outraged. They were concerned that the shoes could victimize girls by allowing boys to look up girls’ dresses.

KENS 5 asked people if they thought the shoes were appropriate for kids. The circular design on the tip lights up. And while it is reflective up close, anything further back becomes distorted.

"Especially at first glance, it's like ‘Oh! It's going to reflect.’ But when you really pay attention to it, you can’t make anything out," Charles Plata said.

"It looks just like a mirror that's in a fun house. You can't tell. It's warped. I don't think boys are thinking of those things at that age," Silintra Stewart said.

Other parents, like Chuck Ohler, said that the design was an innocent mistake.

"It would probably be concerning ‘cause, from a distance, you can't tell what its purpose is or what it does," Ohler said. "The reflection is probably pretty cool for a little kid. But the design could have been better."

KENS 5 took a poll on our Facebook page. Before the story aired, more than 200 people voted and 28 percent of people said that the shoes were appropriate, while 72 percent of people said it was not appropriate.