It's the most wonderful time of the year, until the season of giving feels more like the season of returning.

"We're expecting a lot of returns and exchanges, and that's what today's been about too." Finish Line Assistant Manager Joshua Tavera said.

Some stores like H&M have had a nationwide influx of returns, and most of their computers are backed up.

"Our systems are kind of down, as far as merchandise, credit cards, or gift cards, so we can't even charge customers, as far as that goes,” H&M sales associate Sandra Vargas said. “As far as returns, we can't even return without a receipt, it won't let us do a manual return."

The National Retail Federation says two-thirds of people made at least one return last holiday season.

To avoid the holiday return hassle, Consumer Reports suggests keeping an eye on the calender. Most major retail stores give you 90 days to return, while some give you only 30. Being mindful of keeping the item in new condition also goes a long way.

The best way to avoid the holiday returning stress is to plan ahead: Call stores and see what their policies are, make sure to bring your I.D. and keep gift receipts.