Local drivers are spending Labor Day sitting at gas stations. The rush on gas has crippled many fueling spots, leaving them empty.

Many drivers are parking at out of service pumps waiting for them to be turned back on.

Drivers camped out in their vehicles waiting to see trucks full of gas restocking fuel tanks at San Antonio gas stations.

Others played the guessing game.

"If somebody parks at the gas pump just to come inside, people think we have gas and they start to line up," store owner Balwinder Dhillon said.

Dhillon’s his store on Fredericksburg near Loop 410 went three days without fuel.

A truck filled the tanks on Monday morning but then, four and half hours later, the parking lot resembled a ghost town when the pumps ran out.

"I think it's a psychological deal. Everybody is afraid because they see a line," said Brian Welker of Dallas, who stopped in to San Antonio on Monday while traveling.

Welker believes that the rush on pumps is an urban issue.

"In Dallas, it's lines like it is in San Antonio and then, when you get out, we stopped at the Buc-ee's in Temple and there were no lines at all. You get into Austin, you see tons of people again," Welker noted.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg took to Twitter and Facebook this weekend asking people to carpool or work from home until more gas is available.

Photos on social media show people filling up barrels and multiple gas cans. But most drivers we saw are in line for basics.

"I need gas, I'm about almost on E," driver Anai Ramos said.

"It's improving. Hopefully the next three or four days things are back to normal," Dhillon said.

Mayor Nirenberg is asking people to fill up only when necessary and to not stop to top of your tank.

The fuel trucks are coming, the Mayor said, but it will take time for them to catch up with the demand.