The three day holiday weekend is coming to a close but many drivers are still wondering when and where they'll be able to get gas now that kids are heading back to school and others to work.

Last Friday, the Gas Buddy Tracker showed a lot of red, which meant that most gas stations had no fuel. As of Monday night, there isn't as much red but drivers still encountered problems filling up their cars on this last day of the holiday weekend.

"We all kind of screwed each other over because we all decided to go and get gas," driver Austin Watkins said.

"I think it's worse because it happened over a holiday weekend," Suzie Jardine added.

At the Valero on Fredericksburg Road, things were almost back to normal with a short line of drivers waiting to fuel up. But at the Chevron on the corner of Stone Oak Parkway and Huebner Road, some drivers waited more than six hours and still got no gas.

"It's Labor Day. I have a good book I can read and a glass of water, so I didn't have to worry about being anywhere," driver Richard Grant said.

If you can hop on VIA, they'll be assisting with the fuel shortage, offering free bus and VIAtrans trips throughout its service area all day Tuesday.

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But if you need to get to work in a car Mayor Ron Nirenberg suggested on social media, "We are asking anyone who can do so to take alternative transportation, carpool or work from home."

Valero says that their Corpus Christi and Texas City refineries are at pre-hurricane rates and their Houston and Three Rivers refineries continue to ramp up production.

"Trucks are working overtime to get gas back at all pumps. Looks good if people don't hoard and fill up unnecessarily," Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton told KENS 5 on Twitter. "Lots of resupply Tuesday and Wednesday in San Antonio I'm hearing."

Pictures have been floating around the internet of the hoarding Sitton talked about. People can be seen filling up drums and trash cans full of gas, which is not only dangerous but limits the fuel supply for other drivers.

There had been reports that San Antonio ISD expected a delay in bus pickups because they'd have to maneuver around lines of cars waiting for gas, but KENS 5 spoke to the district and they said that they were not anticipating any delays due to lines or a lack of fuel.